Call For Submissions

Every year we at Woolfolk design a hat pattern and offer it as a gift to any yarn store participating in the LYS Day.  Local Yarn Stores have been the source of inspiration for many of us knitters.  To celebrate this year’s LYS day we would like to invite you to collaborate with us and to help bring more awareness to your local yarn store community and celebrate the craft we love.

Starting Feb 15th, we welcome everyone to submit their LYS Hat Designs. This Call For Submissions is open to everyone, regardless of previous experience. If you are interested in participating, read on and learn how submissions will work.

How do I submit a hat design?
Submission proposals must adhere to the following guidelines:
1.  All proposals must be submitted in PDF format
2. We’d love to see more than one idea! Feel free to submit several different design ideas within your proposal.
3. Proposals submitted after the deadline (03/01/2023) may not be considered

Create a design proposal including the following items and email a PDF to
1.  Design sketch (hand-drawn and/or digital)
2.  Photographs of swatches
3.  Swatches should be no smaller than 4×4 inches
4.  Swatches do not need to be worked in a Woolfolk yarn but choose a color and yarn texture for the swatch that clearly expresses your concept.
5.  Please explain your inspiration/what interests you about this specific design

Please provide the list of information including:
1. Specifics about construction details and direction of knitting
2. Shaping information
3. Intended ease and fit
4. Intended Woolfolk yarn and possible color choices
5. Special techniques used
6. Any additional information you feel is important about the design

Important dates for this LYS Day Call For Submission:
– Deadline for submission — March 1st
– Chosen design will be announced via email — March 6th
– Samples and patterns due — April 3rd

Do I get yarn support and compensation for this open call?
Yes to both!

All submissions must be received by March 1st for consideration.
Please email proposal PDFs to
We look forward to receiving your submission. Tell your friends and share this call for submission!